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HVAC Repair Services

We have provide Service, Repair, and Install All AC Brands!

Best HVAC Services Provide our Customers

Al Syed Cool AC Repair Services has established in 2014 itself as the leading channel that provides AC Service Karachi. We do all kinds of AC Repair, AC Technician Services, AC Installation, AC Maintenance, AC Gas Refilling, AC Advanced Piping Services, AC Mounting, and Dismounting & all types of Air Conditioner Service & Split AC Repair in Karachi.

HVAC Services Price

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Booking only for Residentials Customers like House / flats.

AC leakage repair service
PCB card repairing for inverter AC
Gas refilling in standard split AC ( 1 to 1.5 Ton) non - inverter
PCB card repairing for AC non inverter
Split type AC full cleaning service (both inner & outer units)
Water leakage from AC inner unit
Window type AC service
Standard split AC service (without removing units)
Portable type AC service
Removal of split AC units (both inner and outer)
Concealed pipe installation
Gas refilling for split inverter AC (1 to 2 ton)
Compressor replacement for (1 to 2 ton)
Split type unit installation
Capacitor replacement
Magnetic contactor replacement
Cooling coil U-band replacement (1 to 2 ton)
AC Fan motor replacement non inverter (1 to 2 ton)
Gas balancing for inventer AC
Gas balancing for non-inverter AC
Visit to diagnose issue for AC

Why Choose Al Syed Cool

Al Syed Cool is not just known to be outstanding in terms of services, we have the most affordable rates that any customer will happily pay. No over-charged bills to worry about with us!
We get how time-consuming it can be to find the best home repair services that are reliable and affordable. From booking the services to getting the job done, we follow a time saving and efficient procedure.
All our professionals are highly skilled and trustworthy. You will be assured of the quality of service and the level of trust that our workers deliver.
We offer a 200% guarantee to our customers of not just getting the job done, but getting it done in the right way. Our purpose is always to ensure that the end result makes the customer happy.

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